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It’s still a mess these days because of the time change, so things are still going nowhere for me. Even if I only moved 1 hour faster, I feel like the whole world is slowing down. I sleep late in the day, go to bed early, it’s already dark at 5 o’clock in the day (not to mention the weather is extremely overcast, but it’s still humid, the heat doesn’t turn out hot, the cold doesn’t turn out cold) The feeling of an autumn is not what I expected wish huhu

This afternoon is the first time I have a date with another mother here (especially since moving to a new place). Honestly, when asked Do you want to go and have lunch with us? (Do you want to go to lunch? I have a weird feeling but maybe it’s about time. And as planned, we shared more things than anyone can understand. Because the circumstances are pretty good. We are all the same and especially we can share things that seem like if you are not in the situation, you can hardly share (even your husband) Having children in Vietnam I see many mothers lament, But having children abroad, I don’t see any mothers who talk much because to tell the truth, if I tell the truth, I will only bathe in self-pity and sometimes even tears. the strongest, the toughest But to be honest, sometimes it’s fun to smoke a little bit hihi

Lament a bit because I want to record a few lines of feeling today when I first went on a date for lunch with a mother and of course, the two mothers still have to take care of their children and are tired. When if you feel stuck, find someone (anyone can) to have a little heart, I believe you will feel very good And if someone has something to say but don’t know who to tell, Can you write me a few lines 😉 I always want to receive and share with everyone :X

And now I go straight to the topic because I know this will be another long article about how to do it and sharing experiences. That’s the formula make vermicelli at home Before I talk more about my vermicelli making and experiments, I want to share with you all about my feelings when eating dried and fresh vermicelli. After countless years, the first time I ate fresh homemade vermicelli, I had a strange feeling of eating fresh vermicelli, perhaps it’s like the feeling of someone who has just gone abroad but is eating fresh vermicelli and has to switch to eating vermicelli. dried. I’ve been eating dry vermicelli for a long time, so I’m used to the kind of chewy vermicelli and no sour taste. Generally, it’s different.

How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Homemade fresh vermicelli is both strange and familiar

The first time I tried to make vermicelli by myself, the feeling of biting into the vermicelli was strange, even picking up the vermicelli was strange because it was so soft, both literally and figuratively. Easy to break, soft to bite At first, I didn’t have a noodle maker, so I used a potato ricer (go to the garage sale to buy it with 25 cents lol) I made it no less than 10 times and the vermicelli still didn’t last long. . At first, the vermicelli may be long when just pressed (about 2/3 the length of the chopsticks) but by the time it’s boiled or boiled, the vermicelli is broken down to only a few knuckles :-s I read and learned a lot. , tried many ways but still no success

Then I tried a few more times and I came to the following conclusion: Potato ricer is not suitable for making vermicelli. Maybe I’m a bit behind the times because there are many types of noodle making machines, but I still want to try it when I can’t afford it, so I finally decided to invest in buying a pasta maker. The price of this pasta making tool is not too expensive, but after reading the comments for a while, I was a bit scared because they said it was rusty, then it won’t be able to make the noodles and especially I find the spagetti noodles are not as long as the noodles. But then my stomach told me, I also only dream that my noodles are as long as sphingotti (like dry noodles) and I will have to work hard to wash, then oil and dry that tool to prevent rust. In addition, there was a comment they said, this can’t make pasta but is suitable for Asian noodles (I’m glad after reading it, and I’m more determined to try it)

How to make fresh noodles without a machine

The result of many tries is a plate of fresh and delicious Bun :X

Then, after blaming it on not having the right tools and keeping a note in the notebook to record it: Can’t make long noodles because I don’t have the right tools, I welcome the pasta maker home with great confidence and excitement. I heard there was a blame for the objective reason hehe But life is not like a dream, and after trying with new tools for the first time, confident that I will succeed, I decided not to write that note to write for The whole family listens because in fact, for each tool, the way to prepare the powder and the steps must be different. When making vermicelli with potato ricer, I have to make the dough a little drier, and with pasta maker the dough has to be a little softer. In addition, after many more failures, I came to the conclusion: The stage of boiling vermicelli and processing of vermicelli after boiling is important to determine the success or failure of long vermicelli, not the noodle making tool.. In fact, the new noodle maker pasta maker is indeed a lot easier to make long noodles, but if you lack experience in boiling vermicelli and handling it after boiling, the vermicelli will still be broken.

Part of the reason I found out that the way to boil vermicelli takes so long is because I’m used to dry vermicelli, which always takes a long time to boil. Not to mention the dry vermicelli seems to be the ingredient that makes them give more tapioca flour to make the vermicelli much tougher. Eating homemade vermicelli feels soft and different, but it reminds me of the taste of fresh vermicelli at home.

So long to argue with the whole family so that the whole family can understand more about how to make vermicelli at home, but actually making vermicelli at home is not difficult. The most important thing is to invest in a pasta maker instead of using potato ricer (if you don’t have both, just go to the pasta maker for easy :D). Secondly, you should pay attention to when boiling vermicelli and how to handle vermicelli after boiling 😉 For the rest, I think it only takes about 15 degrees to have a batch of vermicelli and plus the time to drain the vermicelli, it doesn’t have to be done. what. Simple enough for the whole family to want to try 😉

How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Who wants to try homemade fresh vermicelli 😀

  1. Ingredient:
  • 1 cup rice flour (rice flour)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 Tablespoon cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • ¼ cup tapioca starch (Or you can add a little more depending on the water absorption of the dough)
  • Tools needed:
  • 1 non-stick pan
  • 1 pot of water to boil the vermicelli is large and wide (I find that using the latter pot is difficult to remove and the vermicelli can easily stick together)
  • 1 pasta maker
  • 1 large bowl of ice water (to remove the vermicelli right after boiling)

Note: Those who do not have a cup can use a small bowl to measure the ratio of flour and water. With this many ingredients, I can make about 0.68 kg (about 700 grams) of fresh noodles.

  1. Making:
  • Put rice flour, water, cooking oil, vinegar and salt in a bowl and mix well. If you have time, you can let the dough rest for 30 degrees. Normally, I’m in a hurry to make vermicelli and it’s ok.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Mix the dough and let it rest

  • Meanwhile, also prepare a pot of water and boil or let it simmer. Fill the pot about 2/3 full of water.
  • Return the pan to the stove on medium low heat and stir continuously with a chopstick. This method of turning the dough is similar to the way to make banh gio or filter cake. Stir until it feels heavy and the dough starts to clump, then turn off the heat. Continue to stir on the stove for a few minutes to cool down.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Put the pan on the stove and stir the flour until it becomes lumpy

  • Sprinkle tapioca flour on the dough when the dough has cooled enough to knead (warm, not completely cool, everyone. If you are afraid of heat, you can use chopsticks or a spoon to knead first). Knead the dough until it doesn’t stick to your hands anymore and is smooth. There will be a little bit of dough, but with such flour, the new vermicelli will not be dry.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Sprinkle with tapioca flour and knead until smooth

  • Break the dough in half and knead the dough into the pasta maker. Stuff one end flat, then insert the lid with the vermicelli mold. The other end is fitted with a vortex and for squeezing the vermicelli in.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Break the dough and stuff it into a noodle press (Pasta maker).

  • Check the pot of water for low heat (do not let it boil because boiling too hard will make the vermicelli break). Add about 1-2 Tablespoons vinegar. Slowly twist the vermicelli press, the vermicelli will come out very gently and the fiber will be long. After finishing the first batch of dough, continue to add the flour and press the vermicelli into the pot of water again.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Squeeze the vermicelli into a pot of boiling water

  • It is important to adjust the fire so that the water is simmering (cold water will cause the vermicelli to stick together, and when the boiling water flares up, the vermicelli will be broken). Just boil for about 1-2 minutes or when the vermicelli is floating. No need to boil for too long because too long the vermicelli will be mushy and mushy. When stirring the flour itself, the flour is already cooked, so when boiling, it only needs to be boiled very quickly to ensure that the vermicelli is cooked.
  • When picking, it is best to use a racket to pick up all the vermicelli at the same time (because if you pick up the vermicelli many times, it will break the vermicelli). Immediately remove the boiled vermicelli into a bowl of ice water to prevent the noodles from breaking. For a while, touching the noodles will feel soft but lifting your hand will not break anymore.
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Immediately put the vermicelli into a basin of ice water

  • Then, pour the whole vermicelli into a basket and let it dry (at least 1 hour). No need to add water or do anything more because this vermicelli is as soft as fresh vermicelli (it’s fresh vermicelli :D).
How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Let the vermicelli dry on the basket

Putting the vermicelli on a plate when it’s drained looks delicious and white like fresh vermicelli 😉 Noodles made this way don’t have the real sour taste of fresh vermicelli in Vietnam, but it’s as soft as fresh vermicelli. When taking out the vermicelli from the drained basket, turn the whole piece upside down and, if necessary, cut it with scissors. All these steps, to be honest, the first time I made vermicelli, I completely forgot because I was used to eating dry vermicelli. In the old days, when buying vermicelli at home, they also sold it by weight and the people who made the noodles took it with them. When they came back, they cut the noodles as much as they wanted, but they didn’t have to wash the vermicelli with cold water after boiling it. both hehe

How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Have fun trying the super delicious homemade vermicelli 😀

Speaking of which, I hope you all understand the feeling when you eat my homemade fresh vermicelli again. If anyone remembers the first time eating dried noodles when coming from Vietnam, the feeling of eating homemade fresh noodles for the first time is exactly the same. But once you eat it, you will always remember the taste of fresh vermicelli that is hard to get. This homemade fresh vermicelli when refrigerated is not tough and dry like dry vermicelli but still very soft. But I think if I call it fresh vermicelli, it’s the most delicious every day after it’s done.

How to make fresh noodles without a machine

Homemade fresh vermicelli is super attractive

Hii hui and with many failures but this homemade noodle recipe makes me quite satisfied. The most satisfying is that I went from blaming everything on the potato ricer, to changing to the pasta maker, still unable to make long noodles. Turns out, it’s all about myself. Sometimes doing what is right should also be re-examined and will find you need to edit and pay attention to the method of doing it. Tools are the means, but they can’t be everything to decide the success or failure of the family 😉 Wish you all success and let me know more about the results of making vermicelli!!!

This post I would like to dedicate especially to Helen, who gave me the first idea to make my own vermicelli and also apologize to Helen until now I can’t share with Helen and everyone how to make vermicelli. Hope Helen still receives this post and reads these lines :X

Summary of how to do it in the video below:

rice flour vermicelli fresh vermicelli how to make vermicelli at homehomemade vermicelli flourtapioca starch

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