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In general, fish dishes always attract many people. Because they have a lot of nutrition and are not boring at all. In addition, you can cook many different dishes. Compared to other types of fish, stingrays are the most selected. Because the delicious stingray is a little crispy. Cooking sour soup is delicious.

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How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong


But the special thing is that although it is delicious, if you do not process it properly, it will be bitter, with a very difficult smell to eat. Since then, the quality of the food has dropped a lot! With the way of processing Stingray dishes below will help you have a better meal. And especially the stingray flavor is still intact.

1. How to process stingray without fishy smell (declare) effectively

The first important step is to choose the fish

With any dish, choosing fresh ingredients is essential. Of course, when processing fish, you must also choose fresh fish. If the tail fish is rotten, it will be very open and foul. The coriander is soft, when cooked there is no sweetness. And of course, the job of cleaning that fishy smell is very difficult.

So go to the seafood market to choose healthy ones! The ones that swim well and fast are the ones that are healthy and fresh. While the swimmers are weak, 1 is old and 2 is sick. Thus, the possibility of meat being converted to acid is also higher.

Perform preliminary processing

After choosing fresh fish, you need to clean the fish according to the correct procedure to remove the fishy smell. First, peel off the gills of the fish, then the blood bags inside the fish’s belly. Then beat to clean the oil and remove all the intestines inside. Remember to avoid breaking the bile!

Along the spine of the fish in the disease there is a layer of milky white membrane. This is the place where the bruised blood bags and black membranes cause the fishy smell in the fish. You tear off that opaque white membrane and then remove all the bruises and black membranes. Make sure to clean the fish to get rid of the fishy smell.

Use granulated salt to rub the entire belly of the fish. If you don’t use granulated salt, you can use white wine or rice vinegar. Clean the fish belly and the slime outside of the fish.

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

How to cook stingray without fishy smell

Next is to beat the oil, remove the fishy smell

The most viscous part of the fish is the skin. The mucus in the skin will make the dish both fishy and bitter when cooked.

You can use boiling water to water the fish to make it easier to clean the slime. Then use a sharp knife to clean from tail to head.

Continue to use granulated salt to rub the whole body of the fish and then let the fish rest for 30 seconds. Finally rinse it off. If granulated salt is not available, use ginger ale or vinegar.

Remove fish intestines, complete

When removing the intestines, remember to keep the fish liver! Stingray liver as a dipping sauce is delicious if you don’t want it to be amazing! All other parts are left out.

Cut the fish body into 3 pieces and then cut into bite-sized pieces. You can store it or cook it in soup.

With the above way of processing fish, you can rest assured that there is no fishy smell or declaration. So you can make a lot of delicious dishes for your family already.

2. Delicious dishes made from Stingrayfish

2.1 Stingray cooked in sour soup

Prepare materials

  • Fresh stingray: 300g
  • Fish sauce, seasoning seeds, salt 1 teaspoon each.
  • Sugar and ground pepper half a teaspoon each.
  • Fresh tomatoes 2-3
  • Minced onion and garlic 1 pinch of each type is enough for use
  • The ingredients for the soup are: bamboo shoots, fresh em, fresh crocodile, sour pineapple.
How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

Stingray dish cooked with sour soup

Steps to make stingray with sour soup

Bring boiling water to pour into tamarind seeds to get tamarind juice. Strain through a sieve to get the juice. Use a pot for sour crocodile with green pineapple and tomatoes on the island until soft with a little cooking oil. When stirring, add a pinch of salt for flavor.

Add clean water to the pot. Depending on the number of people eating, pour enough water. Add tamarind juice to make the soup more sour and fragrant. Continue to add seasoning to taste.

Stingray in a clean bowl marinated with a little pepper, seasoning and sugar, fish sauce. Mix well until the ingredients are evenly coated. Wait about 15 minutes to infuse. Thus, the fish is both bold and not fishy.

Wait until the soup boils, the pieces of tomatoes are soft, then drop the marinated stingray in. Continue to cook along with the net. Wait until the fish is cooked, then season again to taste and then turn off the stove.

This dish is delicious with hot rice in the summer.

2.2 How to make grilled stingray with onion fat

Prepare materials

  • Fresh stingray: 1 fish is about half a pound
  • Lemon juice, sugar, salt and fish sauce 2 tablespoons each
  • 1 piece fresh ginger
  • Hot chili: 2-3 depending on your preference
  • Ripe pineapple: 1 fruit
  • The herbs for the dish: herbs, fresh onions, vegetable oil and roasted peanuts.
How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

How to make grilled stingray with onion fat

Details of the steps

If the stingray is steamed, you should leave it whole. This way, when finished cooking, the dish will be more delicious and beautiful. Remember to prepare the fish carefully so as not to be declared two fishes when cooking!

Put the fish in the steamer for about 1 to 20 minutes until the fish is cooked. Before steaming, you can marinate the fish with spices first to make the fish bold. When steaming, remember to add a few slices of ginger to make the fish more fragrant.

Fresh onions are picked and cut into small pieces. When the fish is cooked, place it on an oval plate and sprinkle with green onions. Cooking oil you bring to boil on the stove and then gently drizzle over the green onions. In addition, you can mix green onions with fat first, then season with spices and cook on the stove. Then pour over the fish.

This dish goes well with salads. Take advantage while the fish is steaming, prepare some rice paper rolls, cucumbers, green bananas, herbs, fresh vermicelli, Use the fish liver to make fish sauce for a delicious dish. The dipping sauce mixed with kumquats is fragrant and very attractive!

2.3 How to make stir-fried stingray with lemongrass and chili

In restaurants, you often see stingray dishes that are processed into many different dishes. However, you can also prepare it at home. The taste is not inferior to the restaurant!

Preparation ingredients

Fresh stingray: Half a pound

Ingredients for the dish: onion, garlic, hot chili, fresh turmeric, a little curry,

Commonly used cooking seasoning

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

How to make stir-fried stingray with lemongrass and chili

Details of the steps

After buying fish, you use salt and lemon to clean fish slime. Then wash the fish and cut it into pieces.

Marinate the diced fish with seasonings. The seasoning you need to prepare to marinate the fish is as follows. Sugar, fish sauce, seasoning, salt, oyster sauce 1 teaspoon each. Then add 2-3 teaspoons of curry powder and a few slices of turmeric. Add about 1 pinch of minced onion and garlic to marinate the fish. Mix well to infuse the fish with the seasoning. Let the fish soak for 15 minutes.

Heat cooking oil on the stove. Continue to add garlic, lemongrass, minced chili and saute until fragrant. Put the fish in and stir-fry on high heat. Remember to stir quickly until the fish is hunted again. Add a little water to the pot and cook until almost dry.

Use another pan to sauté the onions until cooked through. At that time, turn off the stove, sprinkle some green onions in it.

This dish is very delicious with hot rice.

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

Fried stingray with fish sauce

2.4 How to make fried stingray with fish sauce

After cleaning, cut the fish into bite-sized pieces. Wait for the fish to dry, then fry the fish until golden brown on the stove with hot oil. Then take out the fish and fry it with fish sauce. Before bringing fish sauce to fry fish, you add sugar, monosodium glutamate, a little cooking oil and fried garlic to mix well. Pour in the fish and stir-fry quickly.

Gently shake the pan so that the fish and seasonings are evenly distributed. When the fish has a beautiful yellow color with a sweet aroma, turn off the stove. Decorate more to make the dish more beautiful. Let’s enjoy together.

You can prepare lemon chili salt to eat with this dish. It’s very rich! For every 1 piece of stingray, dip a little salt and lemon pepper. Well, the crunchy flavor of the fish is mixed with the sourness of the forbidden salt. It’s totally delicious.

Each spice has its own unique character. Like when put together, it’s great! This dish can be used as a drink or simply in a family meal.

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

Cooked stingray

2.5 How to make batch cooked stingray

In addition to the sweet and chewy fish meat, the sour and sour water is also extremely attractive to users. Mixed with that is the aroma of lemongrass, fried onions. Add a little spicy and crunchy water spinach. Extremely attractive, right?

Stingray to cook hot pot should choose fresh fish so as not to affect the taste of the dish. Clean the fish and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Wash thoroughly and lay dry. Take half a bowl of batch and mix it with water and filter the juice. The hot pot broth will have an easy-to-eat sour taste.

Add a little seasoning to taste. Heat the cooking oil on the stove, then drop the dried onion and minced lemongrass into the pan. Pour garlic and lemongrass into the hot pot to make the water more delicious.

Wait for the hot pot water to boil, then add the cold juice. Add seasoning again to taste. Pour the fish into the hot pot. When the fish is almost cooked, you add fresh tomatoes, water spinach and okra to cook with. When the hot pot is fragrant, turn off the stove.

When eating hot pot, you will enjoy delicious fish cartilage vermicelli. This dish should be eaten hot. Because their characteristics are fishy and open.

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

Stingray braised with lemongrass and turmeric

2.6 How to make stingray braised with lemongrass and turmeric

Preparation ingredients

  • Fresh stingray. Depending on the number of people eating, you prepare the fish accordingly.
  • Some ingredients for fish such as lemongrass, chili and fresh turmeric
  • Common spices used in the kitchen

Detail steps to make stingray with lemongrass and turmeric

After buying fish, clean it to remove the oil and fishy smell. Ingredients such as lemongrass, chili and red onion are cleaned and chopped. The chili is sliced.

Use some minced onion and lemongrass to marinate the fish. Add MSG, fish sauce, chili powder, a little ground pepper and turmeric powder. Mix well and let the fish soak for 1 hour.

Heat cooking oil on the stove. Add onions, lemongrass, and chili to fry until fragrant. If it smells good, put the fish in the warehouse. Pay attention to medium heat. When the fish meat is firm, add a little water to dry. After about 15 minutes, the water dries up, then turn off the stove.

How to make Braised Stingray with Tuong

2.7 How to make grilled stingray with lemongrass

Grilled stingray dish as bait is delicious. If you choose fresh stingrays from the wild, the fish will not be fishy or declared. This way the food will taste much better. You definitely cannot choose dead fish. Because They will be very open and foul! Can’t even eat it.

Preparation ingredients

  • Fresh stingray: 1.5kg. Depending on the person eating, you prepare the fish accordingly.
  • Raw vegetables to eat according to your preference
  • Fresh turmeric: 1-2 bulbs
  • Fresh lemongrass: 6 branches
  • Cooking seasoning: seasoning seeds, salt, hot peppers, fish sauce
  • Other ingredients: Non-fragrant red onion, green onion, roasted peanuts

Details of the steps

After buying stingray, you wash it with salt to clean the slime. Then wash the fish and let it dry. You can leave the grilled fish whole or cut it up into small pieces. But in my opinion, it should be grilled whole. So when you eat, you can also eat fish cartilage. Use a sharp knife to cut a few lines on the fish body to make it beautiful as well as easy to absorb the spices.

Use fish sauce, seasoning seeds, molasses sugar, and pureed fresh turmeric in a ratio of 2:1:1:1 into the fish bowl. Add a few slices and a little lemongrass to taste. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to infuse the fish. If you don’t like turmeric, it’s okay to give lemongrass separately. But in my opinion, adding turmeric to fish is more fragrant. And when it’s done baking, there’s no turmeric smell anymore.

You should only grill fish 30 minutes before eating. Because hot fish will taste much better. The steps to grill fish are as follows. You mix the fish with a little oil or water fat. Then place the fish on the grill. You can bake in the oven or charcoal. Here I bake in the oven. You bring the oven to pre-heat at 250 degrees for 10 minutes for the oven to heat up. Continue to add fish. Bake for about 10 minutes and the skin is golden brown.

Chop scallions into small pieces and put them in a bowl of oil. Lac is pounded. When the fish is done baking, arrange it on a long plate. Pour onion fat over the fish, then fried onions and then a little bit of roasted peanuts.

Grilled fish with lemon chili salt is very delicious. Or you can roll it with rice paper, some herbs and tangy noodles with sweet and sour sauce. Always have a good idea!

3. Conclusion

So I learned with you guys Stingray dishes already. You can make these dishes in a family meal or a drink for your husband! Not to mention with the way these dishes are made, your stingray dish is not fishy but also very fragrant

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