quy hoach 1 5000 cu chi 600x413 tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

As we know, planning has many scales and many types. And large-scale plans are oriented in nature, not legally correct. How important are 1/500 and 1/2000 planning maps. The meaning of the map is not known to everyone, especially those who have not yet touched a deal related to buying and selling Real Estate. This paragraph Nguyen Hoanh Will share with you the latest information on planning issues.

Before learning 1/500 planning, 1/200 planningwhat we need to understand about planning 1/5000 VND before.

Article table of contents

  • 1. Planning 1/5000
  • 2. What is the 1/2000 plan?
  • 3. What is the 1/500 plan?
  • 4. Comparison of 1/500 planning and 1/2000 . planning
  • 5. SUMMARY
  • 6. SOME PLANNING ISSUES 1/500, 1/2000, 1/5000
    • Issue 1: Is the land under the planning allowed to build houses?
    • Problem 2: Definition of planning map scale 1/500

1. Planning 1/5000

The 1/5000 plan is valuable for identifying functional areas, traffic orientations, landmarks of the land for infrastructure development of roads, bridges, residential areas, trees. meaning is the original basis for determining development goals, calling for investment as well as issues of site clearance, compensation and migration.

It means that all districts in a certain city, when people make general plans for the whole district, people will make detailed planning 1/5000. That is the general plan, and people will divide each zone:

  • Area A is a residential area to live in
  • Zone B is an industrial zone
  • Area C is a commercial service area
  • Zone D is the administrative center
  • And the major roads, important roads for the whole area.
quy hoach 1 5000 cu chi tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Planning 1/5000 of Cu Chi Northwest Urban Area

And on the planning map of 1/5000 scale, you will not see the small roads such as 7m, 12m and only see the main functional subdivisions. Based on the core foundation for the development of the whole district, the district has just established a more detailed one, which is the 1/2000 plan.

2. What is the 1/2000 plan?

Saying folk like this to make it easy to understand, on the 1/5000 map you Zoom (enlarge) will see each umbrella, now people have divided that umbrella and divided each area with different areas. own function. For example, in that 1 small box, how many % are schools, how many are residential areas, how are roads, electric lights, water drainage, etc.

thu thiem 12 tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Project of adjustment of planning 1/2000 of Thu Thiem urban area

  • BY THE LAW: Detailed planning at the rate of 1/2000 is the implementation step of the urban construction general planning, which is the basis for the formulation and management of detailed planning of 1/500 scale. The detailed planning of 1/2000 scale must be consistent with the general urban construction planning and organized by the local government.
  • Detailed planning scale 1/2000 is the most detailed and legal planning of the state, often implemented by the locality. Businesses or people when checking the plan can rely on this 1/2000 plan.
  • Content of workdetailed planning scale 1/2000is to make spatial maps, landscape architecture, map of total land use, traffic planning, single-line diagrams of technical and electromechanical infrastructure.

The 1/2000 plan is updated every 5 years, and in addition, there are also occasional (or unusual) updates.

For that reason, if you want to know which master plan is up-to-date, it’s best to ask the District/District. For example, you are looking to buy Phu My land plot then I will go to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment or the People’s Committee of Phu My Town to ask. And when buying land, it is necessary to check the planning, because the planning of the type of land at the time of making the book with the current planning is not necessarily the same.

So, what will the updated 1/2000 plan compared to the old plan change, unchanged?

This is a difficult question, but from personal experience, the change of planning depends on rationality, and explanation. There are a few things you can refer to.

  • Changing land use function > The hardest
  • Changing construction planning > Second difficulty.
  • Residential area > Little change.
  • Unpopulated area > Can change more.
  • Areas with national, regional and provincial works > The higher the level, the more difficult it is to change.
  • District, commune and ward-level construction sites > Less difficult.

In short, it is difficult to change with a lot of influence, and to change with less influence is less difficult.

SO THAT: If you buy land, you must check the planning, the latest planning should go to the District to ask, the planning forecast is based on the condition it will be like.

3. What is the 1/500 plan?

This one, you imagine an investor, buying a 10ha piece of land, they plan to do an urban project, they have to rely on the 1/2000 plan. See if that area can be made a residential area or not? If it is done, they will start with a 1/500 plan. It mean:

  • Details to each plot of land, how long and wide, leave the front and back, the maximum height when building.
  • How wide is the road, how is the sidewalk, how many trees are there, what is paved?
  • Schools, apartments, parks with specific area, how many floors to build.
  • Sewer, negative or floating electricity, how many m3 is the domestic water for the people there.
  • And so on and clouds, in general, specific to each one, so that when the project is completed, people rely on it to check and accept the book.

Pursuant to Clause 2, Article 30, Law on Urban Planning 2009 then: The drawing of the detailed planning project is shown at the scale of 1/500. The 1/500 detailed planning map is the master plan of the construction investment projects, the basis for locating the work, the basic design, the technical design of the construction and the implementation of the project. build.
The 1/500 plan must be associated with a specific project.
The 1/500 master plan is the basis for obtaining a construction permit (later for the project) and formulating a construction investment project.
Therefore, the drawing of the detailed planning project specifically arranges all the works on the land. Regarding technical infrastructure, detailed planning shall be arranged to each land lot boundary.

the nao la quy hoach 1 500 tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Detailed planning 1/500 of a residential project

  • Detailed urban construction planning scale 1/500 is the implementation and concretization of detailed urban construction planning of 1/2000 scale, which is the basis for formulating construction investment projects, granting construction permits and managing construction investment according to planning. The urban construction detailed planning of the scale 1/500 must be consistent with the detailed urban construction planning of the scale of 1/2000.
  • For 1/500 planning: determine the criteria on population, land use norms, technical infrastructure, solutions for architectural organization for each land lot; arrange the network of technical infrastructure works to the boundary of the land lot and ensure the feasibility when implementing.

This type of planning is done by enterprises, so it is easy for businesses to change without affecting the 1/2000 plan, but affecting the 1/2000 plan depends on how it is affected.

quyet dinh 1 500 an ha lotus tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Decision 1/500 of An Ha Lotus land plot project

Refer: Decision 1/500 of An Ha Lotus project (Binh Chanh) here.

4. Comparison of 1/500 planning and 1/2000 . planning

First of all, it is necessary to clarify and distinguish the meaning of purpose planning 1/2000 and planning 1/500. This is not a difference in map scale, but to understand these are 2 phases of planning. The 1/2000 master plan was created to orient the planning for an entire urban area (industrial parks, residential areas, tourist areas with the aim of managing the planning for a large area).

Important content in the 1/2000 plan is to define the road network and land use planning. The land use planning must indicate the street plots with different use functions, which clearly show the indicators of the street plots such as plot area, construction density, land use coefficient, etc. maximum floor height, minimum floor height, red line boundary, preliminary determination of construction boundary (backspace) of the work.

The spatial organization of landscape architecture planning of the 1/2000 detailed planning project is only for orientation and suggestion because at this stage there is no basic design for architectural works, so it has not been established yet. determine the specific and accurate design of the architectural works. All levels of government, management agencies are fully qualified to issue planning certificates for any land plot in the planning area, and thus can fully use detailed planning projects. /2000 for construction management.

Meanwhile, detailed planning 1/500 is to detail each project, the most important part of this phase and different from the detailed planning phase 1/2000 is the spatial organization of architectural and landscape planning. At this stage, the architectural works included in the 1/500 detailed planning are those with a basic design, which means that they have all the necessary elements for a work design such as shape, floor plan, etc. building with the full size of the work, the contents of the rooms, the parts of the building, the location of the entrance and exit of the building, thereby determining the relationship between the building and external factors such as the courtyard. garden, path.

The 1/500 planning project is the basis for making construction investment projects. Thus, planning 1/2000 and 1/500 are not only different in scale, it is in two design stages with completely different contents and meanings, but the current legal documents on regulation In terms of planning costs, there is no distinction between the two types of detailed planning above. You can refer to the process of making real estate projects on land plots to better understand which step is the decision to approve the 1/500 land plot project.

bảng so sánh quy hoạch 1 2000 và 1 500 tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Comparison table of planning 1/2000 and planning 1/500


Detailed planning 1/500 must be detailed to each work (not just the spatial organization of architectural and landscape planning like the 1/2000 plan).

The 1/500 master plan must be associated with a specific investment project.

The 1/500 master plan is the basis for obtaining a construction permit (later for the project) and formulating a construction investment project. It clearly shows which part of the land and by whom is involved in which construction or investment project, and based on that, the compensation level can be satisfactory.

The construction criteria must have, shown on the 1/500 master plan, such as: population, land use, technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, spatial organization, architecture, infrastructure works, etc. detailed architecture/design of each land lot, environmental assessment

With the 1/500 plan, it is possible to determine the relationship between the planned works and the external elements of the plan such as entrance gates, roads, fences

Therefore, when buying land at the project, if the project has a decision of 1/500, then there are detailed construction regulations approved by the competent authority, later the competent authority based on that to make a decision. book. If this project has not been decided yet, that is, it has not been approved by the state agency, we need to consider carefully to avoid risks and inconveniences after carrying out the procedures for buying and selling real estate.

6. SOME PLANNING ISSUES 1/500, 1/2000, 1/5000

Issue 1: Is the land under the planning allowed to build houses?

According to the provisions of the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of 37 Laws related to planning in 2018, the following cases may occur:

  • Case 1: If the residential land is under planning but there is no annual land use plan of the district level, the legal residential land user (who is granted a certificate of land use right for that land area) is entitled to build a new one. houses and works on that area as prescribed by law.
  • Case 2: If the residential land falls under the district-level planning and annual land use plan, the lawful residential land user may not build new houses or works on the land area there.
  • Case 3: If only part of the land plot falls under the planning and the rest is not under the planning, the lawful residential land user has the right to build new houses and works on the land area there.

Problem 2: Definition of planning map scale 1/500

Map scale: is the ratio of the length of a line segment on the map to the length of that line in the field. 1cm on the map equals 5m on the field.

Y nghia ty le ban do 1 500 tỷ lệ 1/500 nghĩa là gì

Meaning of map scale 1/500

Nguyen Hoanh (general)

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